1:1 Financial Empowerment Mentorship


I know your fight. I know your struggle.

I know the stress and the worry and that anxious ache of financial fear. I know how incredibly messy your finances and money situation can make you feel. You are tired of constantly feeling broke and alone. You are fed up with feeling guilty every time you spend money on yourself because you feel like something else is a higher priority.

You're just fed the eff up. Period.

I am here to show you how your finances can be used as a tool to empower every component of your life. Money was put on this earth with the sole purpose of supporting you, it's time you start feeling that in your soul. It's time you love payday because you are so confident in your money plan. It's time you feel love for yourself again. It's time to forgive yourself for the financial mistakes you might have made.

You are magic. You are gold. You are worthy of money being your tool to empowerment. Empowerment meaning that you take control of your life in the most incredible sense. You begin to spend from a place of gratitude and love. You stop feeling guilty for investing in yourself. Day by day, you begin to release the limiting beliefs you carry around money. You begin to find freedom in the way you feel about and view your money situation.

there's no bullshit here. this is personalized to you.

You might feel like you've been failing at this whole "adulting" thing, and that's okay. Truthfully, we are all failing at this whole adulting thing. The only difference is some of us decide to do something about it. You have the choice to stay exactly where you are or you have the choice to step into your power. In any moment you have the choice to make necessary changes to live a life that brings you joy, abundance, and financial freedom.

I'm here to step in and show you how to unlock that power through love + money.

You are an amazingly unique person. The way you handle your finances should reflect that. What works for someone else might not work for you. This is why why I provide sacred space for you as an individual. Every decision about your finances should come from a place of intuition. This is why we spend time bringing love back to your inner-knowing and use that as a catapult of a money plan that is tailored to your own personal badass. 

The next three months are dedicated to bridging the gap between your current money situation and who you are as a person + where you want to be going.

Are you ready for this?


month one 

We gain clarity on what limiting beliefs are holding you back. We look at what you have been taught about money and finances and we find out if those beliefs are serving you (they usually aren't.) Then we release those limiting beliefs with the power of love and begin to create a belief around your money that lights you up and gets you excited.

month two 

From that place of love, we look at your current money situation. We look at where you are from a non-judgement perspective and get clear on where you want to be. Then from the lens of love, we begin making small changes and implement a money plan that works for you as the magical being you are. This plan is all about showing your mind and body how supportive your money can be.

month three

This final month is the most fun. We get to integrate everything you have learned out in the real world, but you also get to dream and visualize. Where do you want your money to be taking you? What kind of freedom do you want it to provide? This month we light the fire within you and use that fire as motivation to create the life you want to be living.


your 1:1 Financial Empowerment Mentorship includes:

  • (1) 75 minute introductory call where we get clear on why you are here and set intentions for our three months together.
  • (10) 50 minute 1:1 sessions via Zoom that are scheduled during our three months together.
  • Session recordings along with detailed session notes, action items, and journal prompts that will help you to gain the clarity you need to make big financial shifts.
  • My hand-crafted Basic Budget Blueprint Spreadsheet + Google Doc that walks you through how to locate all of your income and expenses and use that information to create a budget that works for your unique lifestyle. 
    • You'll walk away with a  sense of empowerment knowing that you can handle your finances in a stress-free way that feels good to you.


    • (1) 30 minute session to check in with your intentions after our time together. This is scheduled a month after our 10 sessions to provide you a sense of continuing accountability.
    • Unlimited email and messenger support any time something comes up for you during our 3 months together.
    • Unlimited access to all of my video trainings (including any new ones that I create while working together.) This includes budgeting 101, how to set up an emergency fund, how to save even when you're broke, and how to get intentional with your spending. 
    • PDF tips +tricks from my vault that cover organization, accountability, and cheat sheets. 

    The investment you're making in yourself

    • $888 pay in full. Flexible payment plans are available.

    Are you ready to (finally) step into your power? 

    love notes from beautiful souls







    "I feel so much more confident that I can do this! Money, budgeting, and finances don't have to scare me even though I'm not a numbers person. I just need to reevaluate how I look at them. The session notes, action items, and journal prompts are amazing! You gave me some excellent steps to take to get myself to a place where I am more comfortable with all this money stuff. Now it doesn't seem quite so overwhelming. You've thought about the little things that are easily missed. You've helped fill in the missing places that made it all feel so scary. Yup, I can totally do this! I'm beyond impressed. Honestly, your services are worth the investment and will pay for itself and then some."




    "I felt like Samantha helped me uncover some of the reasons for my discomfort around facing my finances. We got to talk through solutions for the discomfort, and I felt a bit more at ease after our call knowing that I had a plan to deal with it. I feel like I can give myself permission to take care of myself, and also create positive associations around financial discussions."



    "I wanted to say thank you for opening up my eyes to the possibilities and to the fact that it is okay to do what will bring you joy and feels good to you!! So thank you!!"

    Ananomys soul