how to love yourself

reignite your flame

A six week course for you to return to love, reclaim your joy, and rekindle your fire within


Hello Beautiful Goddess!

For most of my life I have been on this journey of figuring out how to love and nurture myself while trying to maintain the same amount of love for the four components of my life: self, relationships, career, and money. Somehow I always fell short when it came to turning the love inward, allowing others to be taken care of before myself. Instead of showing myself the love that I so desperately needed, I kept trying to fill the void externally, overextending myself and taking on more than I deserved (and honestly, more than I could even handle.)

But here’s the thing about searching for love and wholeness externally, it never works.

Love starts from the inside, it has to. You can’t expect yourself to burn the fire within you when you don’t take the time to fan your own flames. Once your fire is big and bright, it’s much easier to spread that light like wildfire with others, without leaving you feeling depleted. 

It’s in your nature to help others, this isn’t about ignoring or eliminating that. What it is about is allowing the way you love to be nurturing to yourself + those within your circle. This looks like harvesting supportive relationships, setting energetic boundaries, and simple daily self-care practices.

I created this six week online course + offering for you because I am here to help show you that you are worthy of being unconditionally loved from the inside out. You are worthy of feeling joy every single day- even in the dark moments. You have a brightness that is meant to be shared with the world.

And all of the desires of your heart? They deserve to be brought to life. You deserve that.

The world needs you and all that you are


Return, Reclaim, Reignite

This course is for the woman who is ready to reclaim her joy and return to love. In six weeks, we take a look at the four components of your life: self, relationships, career, money. Each week is dedicated to diving into each of these components via self-guided modules, taking you through journal prompts, meditations, and other love-powered practices to realign each component in a heart-centered way. These practices help you to take a look at the layers that have been smoldering your flame within.

This course is for the woman who is ready to evolve her life in the direction of her deepest desires and the juiciest of pleasures. Ready to see herself naked for the first time, reclaiming who she is and what she wants. And then believing that she can have it. 



Pre-Work / Clarity

Before we dive into any modules, I will send you a mini-workbook to set your intentions for these six weeks while gaining clarity on where you are in this moment. I will also include a practice to prepare your sacred space as a safe and supportive environment for our six weeks together.

Week One / Self

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important, that’s why we start here. Week one is about taking a look at how your one-on-one relationship with yourself has been. We will dive into some self-care rituals + practices that are heart-centered with love and light. A self check-in with your body will also take place in week one, assessing your centers of joy + pleasure while re-grounding a strong root foundation.

Week Two / Relationships

Week two is all about feeling into your external relationships. This includes your significant other, co-workers, parents, friends, children, etc. Each relationship that takes place within your field holds an energetic exchange. To make sure that your core intentions established in week one are supported, we will be taking a look at boundaries, cord cutting, and energetic protection in week two.

Week Three / Integration to reclaim joy

Weeks one + two dive deep into both the relationship with yourself and others, harvesting love and balance. In order to make sure that your nervous system doesn’t become overwhelmed, we take week three to integrate, process, and restore. I typically recommend scheduling our first one-on-one session at the end of this week so we can take tap into your integration and further restoration through meditations, Reiki healing, and supportive mirror work.

week four/ career

Week four brings focus to your purpose, what lights up your heart + soul. This week we will take a look what’s working and what isn’t working in your current field. The tools offered in week four help to bring balance and harmony back to where you spend your time working.

week five/ money

Money is a form of energy that we tend to overcomplicate. Week five is about bringing love + support back to your finances. This week includes a spreadsheet to help you organize where you currently are, along with a worksheet that guides through an exercise of visualizing where you want your money to be taking you. This money approach is one that eliminate restriction and rejuvenates the fun and joyous flow of money.

week six / self- love integration

We end with week six being an integration week that is focused on self-love. The work you have done throughout this course is worth celebrating! Celebrate this week by taking yourself out to lunch or doing something special for yourself. Week six is about slowing down and allowing the contents of this course to settle into your being.

bonus/ week seven + eight

Week seven we will schedule our final session together where we will review how things have gone for you + bring some extra love to the areas in need. You will also have access to me via email, text, and audio through week eight. This allows you to have access to me two weeks post-course to ask your questions and receive any additional guidance you may need. This journey is all about allowing yourself to feel loved + supported.


The Details


  • 5 self-guided modules, these modules will be yours forever, including any content I may add in the future

  • 4 corresponding workbooks for each module


$237 pay in full; flexible payment plans are available because I believe this work should be accessible to every woman who is ready for this work.


From my heart to yours

How does this offering sound to you? Are you ready to reignite your flame, rekindle your love, and reclaim your joy? 

If you have questions, let me know. I am here for you always. I am accessible via email and Instagram.

I believe that you are worthy of the desires of your heart, in fact I believe those desires were put there on purpose as a map to your highest self. I am here to help you follow that map while helping you to engulf your soul in flames of messy unconditional love.

I am sending you so much love and light,

Samantha x