Detroit Moon Club

sisterhood | Story Medicine | Reiki Infused meditative journey

Join us Sunday, June 2nd for a celebration of The New Moon and the intentions we are ready to plant for the cycle. Our theme for the night is CRACKING OPEN as we open our hearts to sisterhood and allow ourselves to be witnessed in what is currently up for us in our lives + our journeys. This event is a free offering to our community, however space is limited and an RSVP is required to attend.

I also ask that you bring your journal with you this cycle! We will be journaling on a few intention setting prompts

Below is our outline for the night:

5:45-6:00pm Doors open, you'll be greeted with sage or palo santo to clear your energetic field and heart space in preparation of our gathering

6:00pm Our sacred container is opened right at 6pm with a guided meditation to drop you into your heart center. The front door will be locked at the opening of our circle. We'll start with an opening meditation to drop into our sacred container

6:15-6:30pm Overview of the current energy + journal prompts to get clear on what intentions you are calling in this cycle

6:30-7:15pm Story Medicine around our theme of cracking open.

7:15-7:30pm Closing of our circle with a Reiki-infused guided meditative journey with an emphasis on embodying our intention for this cycle 

7:30-8:00pm Tea, wrap up, + departure

What is Story Medicine?

Story Medicine is the basis of our circle gathering. Our circle is set in a safe and sacred space so that you are able to open your heart to speaking on what has been up for you, while listening to the stories and hearts of others. By sharing our stories and connecting with others, we are able to reclaim our power, release what is no longer serving us, and be heard and seen in a loving and supportive community.

What is Moon Club?

“Moon Club is a transformational membership program for powerful, wild, mystical womxn with a mission. In Moon Club we use the power of gathering and practicing together in prayer, ritual, circle and meditation using ancient tools in order to move through blocks and live the live’s we are worthy of so we can stand tall and make this world a better place while having the best time we possible can.” Learn more here.

Who is this circle for?

This circle is open to both members and non-members of Moon Club. This ritual space is open to all womxn who are ready and willing to show up with an open heart. This circle honors the wisdom of listening to the stories of others while being seen and witnessed in your own medicine of sharing. While sharing your own story is not required, it is encouraged. (And if you’re nervous, I guarantee that after you connect with the stories of the incredible womxn sharing, you’ll be inspired to share your own, too.)

Does this cost anything to attend?

This circle is a free offering to our community. However, space is limited in this sacred space and RSVP is required to attend.

How often do these circles occur?

Once every month! This sacred container will be opened around either the New or Full Moon. The date, time, and theme of our next gathering will be announced within the week after our current circle date. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Samantha here.

What do I wear + what should I bring?

Dress in comfortable clothing and you are welcome to bring your journal + pen along with a pillow or blanket to get cozy. Extra blankets will be available for those who need one. You may also bring any crystals or objects that are sacred to you that you would like to be Reiki charged during our healing meditation.