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disclaimer: This isn't a typical sales page

This offering and these words come straight from my heart and soul

My hope is that you open your heart to feeling the intention and impact in this creation.

The future of finance is female. Just yesterday, I saw an article about a woman taking on a big role in the financial industry that just 30 years ago didn’t even acknowledge women as financial beings. If you take a moment to look around you, you’ll see this feminine shift that is happening. 

This shift isn’t women taking over and dominating in a way that’s punishing to men, though. This shift is coming from a place of love and balance. Finance has been ruled by primarily masculine energy for so long. This is why money has been shaped into a controlling and constantly moving resource that leaves us feeling exhausted. There is no balance. Bringing feminine energy into finances creates flow, ease, and release of tension.

This is all about incorporating both masculine and feminine energy into the way we circulate and feel about money. 

This is about balance.

This is about intention.

This is about you. 

Masculine energy provides us with action oriented goals, the drive to achieve them, and ultimately the power of strength. Feminine energy pairs nicely with a sense of flow, ability to surrender, and compassionate acts of self love. When balanced within ourselves, a ground for miracles is cultivated.

I focus on the money piece of life because if you can create balance in the way you feel about and spend money, you can create balance in any area of your life. Money is one of the most charged topics because there are so many beliefs, thoughts, and values that society holds around what money should mean and how it should make you feel. 

I created this way to serve you because I believe you have the right to choose how you feel about money. You have the right to feel the power of financial balance. You have the power to achieve your goals with grace and ease. You are a being that is created from the same beauty that creates the oceans, the sunsets, and the blooming lilacs. That beauty and creation makes you a divine being. With your divinity you have so much power, I am here to show you that. 

And if you don’t believe me, keep listening. You will. If it’s not today, we will meet again in the future when you’re ready. 

If you do find yourself ready, you are in for the most magical moments of your life.

I created this container as a safe and tranquil space for you to heal, grow, and explore the desires of your heart. For you to create balance into your life and the way you think and feel about money. Money is a resource that is meant to support us in the most loving way possible.

I believe that money amplifies who we are and reflects the intentions of our soul. This means that by getting money into the hands of the right people, we further that financial shift. The right people do good with their money and create a circulation of love and support.

This is my stand for getting money into the hands of the right people.

If you found yourself connecting with my content, then I know that you are part of my tribe.

+ You want to do good with your money.

+ You want your money to make you feel supported so you can support yourself and the ones you love.

+ You know there is more out there for you, you just don’t know where to start.

+ You want more flow, ease, and creation in your life when it comes to cultivating your goals.

I made this for you because I am you. I feel your story because I have my own story.

I struggled with money for so many years and mastered the art of being broke. I let masculine energy fuel my stress and angst over budgeting, spending, and saving. I researched, took courses, read books, played trial and error with spreadsheets and workbooks. I lived from a place of no balance or intention. Whatsoever.

One day I decided that I was done with the stress and the struggle. I was done being a victim of my own financial turmoil. I decided to create harmony and balance into the way I felt about, spent, and saved my money. You change every component of your life when you begin to spend with purpose and gratitude. Your goals become joyful to achieve, your outlook and perspective begin to heighten, miracles and magic begin to synchronize in your life.

You hold the same power to decide.

The outcome of this work is why I created this and ultimately why I want to work with you.

You are worthy of magic and miracles.

You are worthy of achieving your goals.

You are worthy of feeling good about money.

You are worthy of living a joyful and stress free life.

You are so fucking worthy, it’s insane.

The details

+ (1) 75-minute introductory session to personalize our time together

+ (2) 50-minute 1:1 sessions via Zoom to be scheduled bi-weekly during the month

+ Session recordings, notes, action items + journal prompts 

+ Unlimited email, messenger, and Voxer support and guidance

+ My Money Planning 101 Spreadsheet along with my personalized guidance on how to tailor it to your specific self. This is also a tool you will have forever.

I created this to be affordable, yet impactful because I am on a mission to get this work into the hands of many magical women as possible. 

The exchange for this goodness is $222 monthly. 

(With a flexible payment plan options and the opportunity to receive a free session.)

How it works

Each month your (2) 50-minute 1:1 sessions renew. Your first month, we kick off with the 75-minute introductory session to create an outline of our time together. This outline is specific to you. I honor you as the unique individual you are. We look at where balance needs to be created, what goals you want to achieve, and the current beliefs you hold around money. This is the basis of our subsequent sessions.

why this is different

What’s so incredible about this offering is the layout makes it flexible. You have the ability to cancel anytime you may need to take a hiatus with the option to come back when you’re ready. Our first month together, we’ll discuss a personalized timeline of your goals and intentions, but ultimately you hold all the power.

You always hold all the power to your life. This is just another opportunity to own that. If you're ready to get to work on creating balance and intention with money, let’s do this thing. Your sacred space of healing and growth awaits you.

I send you my love and light, beautiful soul. Carry on! 

XO, Samantha