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intentional spending six week experience


1. a thing intended; an aim or plan
2. the healing process of a wound

emotionally spending

let's take your finances to the next level

This is more than your basic budget, spreadsheet, and workbook. This is where your money situation up-levels and you finally take control of what's holding you back from living the life you want to be financially. 

This is a whole new approach to finances. Before we dive into next-level basics, we uncover a true foundation of the love you have for yourself. From that place of love, we get intentional. 

Our spending and money habits are directly related to our our emotions. When we learn to identify how our unique money emotions drive our life, we begin to make incredibly transformational change.  

get intentional with your spending.

You know that paydays have to mean more than getting frustrated and waving goodbye to your money. You're ready to take control instead of watching your wallet dwindle to nothing.

You're ready to start manifesting more abundance in your life and break through the mindset of there never being enough money. You're ready to start harnessing your power and loving yourself through this process. 

You want your money to make you feel supported. Not bound up and blocked. When you hand over your cash or card, you don't want to feel like you're handing over a piece of you personally. You want to feel joyful with every purchase you make. You want to breeze through your day to day life without money being a constant stress and worry.

this is designed perfectly for you if

  • You are so fed up with payday bringing you nothing but worry and stress. You are tired of your money feeling like it's slipping away from you. Working 40+ hours a week should mean something other than stress and exhaustion.


  • You want to be able to spend money on yourself and not feel guilty about it (or feel like you're taking money away from something else by treating yourself.) Treating yourself to something special should leave you feeling loved, supported, and honored.


  • You are ready to tell your money stress (and all kinds of stress) to fuck off. Stress doesn't have to be your driving motivator to make money and get shit done. Learn how to incorporate love into the way you manage your finances.


  • You're ready to fucking love yourself unapologetically. Discovering ways that you can honor and love yourself is completely 100% transformational. Incorporating love into your relationship with yourself and money will change you life.
  • You are ready to see your money in a different way. What you've been doing has left you feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. You are ready to step into your light and create a life of joy and abundance. Your money and the stress that surrounds it does not have to define the way you live your life.
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th next 6 weeks are going to change your life + your finances

Week one

We dive into powerful resources that are going to bring you back to a place of deeply and completely loving yourself. This is where the root of your finances start. Once we begin to bring light and love back to your roots, we begin the healing of your relationship with your money.

Week two

We find out where stress and emotion are driving your financial life. We go back to the limiting beliefs you are holding. We empower your soul by releasing what is no longer serving you. We strengthen the love foundation your have for yourself, so we can turn your payday into a day of celebration- not stress, worry, and restriction. 

Week three

We tune into the emotions you feel around your money and use this as a catapult to create a budget that works for your unique life. You're a magical human who cannot be replaced, why should you have a cookie-cutter money plan? You shouldn't. Week three is all about taking what we've learned in week one and two and using it as a foundation to create a practical money plan that feels good to you.

Week four

We bring gratitude to the way you spend and save. Have you ever noticed there's a difference in the way you feel when you pay your electric bill vs. how you feel when you treat yourself to take-out and a bottle of wine? We acknowledge this non-judgmentally and begin to bring gratitude to each way you spend and save. When you feel gratitude towards your money situation, gratitude begins to radiate through every component of your life.

Week five

Week five is about dreaming and goal-setting. Where do you want your money to be taking you? What kind of freedom do you want it to unlock for you? We take a look at the big picture to give the way you save and spend even more intention. We listen to where your intuition is guiding you and create a plan to get you there.

Week six

Everything you've learned about yourself these six weeks come together. Week six is about spending from a place of gratitude, knowing your money is being spent with intention, and not letting your stress brain takeover. You learn how to make this a regular practice so your money no longer has a hold on you in a way that brings you discomfort.

Financial stress

The breakdown

  • (6) 50 minute weekly 1:1 sessions via Zoom where we go even deeper into the foundation of loving yourself and healing the relationship with your finances from a very intentional place. Each session includes detailed session notes, action items, journal prompts, and your session recording.
  • An in-depth workbook each week that gets to the root of the emotion and stress behind your spending. Connecting to your intuition through mediation and journalling, you begin to heal the relationship with loving yourself. With that loving foundation, we begin to dive into the money part of things.
  • A budget that works with your unique lifestyle. No budget should be the same and I hold true to that. You walk away knowing how to make the spreadsheet part of things flow in your favor in a way that gets you excited about handing your finances.
  • Personalized action steps to expand your heart into intentional spending, stress management, and self love. As well as lifetime resources and tools to keep with you whenever you need to be guided back to a place of spending with love and intention. 


  • (1) 30 minute 1:1 follow up session to check in with your intentions. 
  • Tips + tricks from my vault on organization, accountability, and saving. You'll have these cheat sheets for life to come back to any time you need an extra kick in the pants (valued at $47.)
  • Unlimited email support. Reach out to me anytime you have a question, are feeling overwhelmed, or just need a little extra guidance.
  • Intentional Spending Through Stress Management + Self Love Training (valued at $54)


  • $444 pay in full. Flexible payment plans are available.
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Hi beautiful human, I'm Samantha!


My name is Samantha and I know exactly how you feel right now. Growing up and learning how to adult can be excruciatingly exhausting. I am not your parents' stuffy financial adviser that makes you feel like an idiot with their big words and gushy phrases. I get real with you and speak in a language that you actually understand. I hold sacred space for you that is non-judgmental and filled with light and love. 

There is so much power in getting intentional with your spending. I have spent over 4 years in the financial industry, and as a result I have found that it doesn’t matter how much money you make if you don’t know how to get intentional with it. Get familiar with the flow of your money and let it open the doors to a budget that feels good. You’re not alone in this anymore, I got your back, gorgeous!

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love notes from beautiful souls


"I felt like Samantha helped me uncover some of the reasons for my discomfort around facing my finances. We got to talk through solutions for the discomfort, and I felt a bit more at ease after our call knowing that I had a plan to deal with it. I feel like I can give myself permission to take care of myself, and also create positive associations around financial discussions."


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Intentional finances

"I feel so much more confident that I can do this! Money, budgeting, and finances don't have to scare me even though I'm not a numbers person. I just need to reevaluate how I look at them. The session notes, action items, and journal prompts are amazing! You gave me some excellent steps to take to get myself to a place where I am more comfortable with all this money stuff. Now it doesn't seem quite so overwhelming. You've thought about the little things that are easily missed. You've helped fill in the missing places that made it all feel so scary. Yup, I can totally do this!"



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