Finding your flame


Heal yourself + the components of your life by returning to your natural state of being unconditional loved


Hello beautiful goddess

I am so glad that you are in this space of mine because when you are here, you are encouraged to be all of yourself. And I mean all. of. you. In this space I want your ugly, your weird, your bold, your kinky, all of your raw greatness. I encourage you to unravel the layers of yourself to get to the meaty core of your desires. My name is Samantha and I help women like you return to a state of being unconditionally loved so you can show up as your raw and authentic self in every component of your life, unapologetically.

I ultimately believe that you already hold the power to everything you seek. Im here as the gentle guide that makes sure you reach the desires of your heart in the most loving and intentional way possible. You are never alone on this journey of seeking joy, pleasure, and purpose.


Intuitive mentor

Samantha works 1:1 with women, helping them to re-ignite their flame for life while bringing love back to themselves and the four components of their life: self, relationships, career, money.

Intuitive healer

Samantha intuitively utilizes a variety of healing modalities with her clients including guided meditations, Reiki healing, embodiment, crystal work, and self care practices + rituals.

intuitive writer

Samantha writes straight from her heart, always. Her heart pours out everything from juicy poetry to informative articles and how-to’s.


Reignite your flame

You are sexy. You are bold. You are worthy of all of the desires of your heart. You are a badass woman who is meant to reclaim her power. To reignite her flame unapologetically.

find your joy

Joy is found in each day and in each moment when we let it. Tap back into what lit you up with excitement as a kid. Bring it back to the simplicity of life + nature.

rekindle your love

Being a powerful force of love + light is your birthright. You hold the feminine power to heal yourself self-love and simple pleasure.