No? Well I would like you to take a moment to check in with your heart.

How is she doing today? Is she open and expansive or closed off and scared? I invite you to pause and take a moment to breathe into your heart space. Thank your heart for being on this journey with you.

Now that we have taken a moment to breathe together, I would like to thank you for entering into this sacred space. This space that I have cultivated has been crafted with intentions of love, light, truth, and compassion. The energy of this space is meant to hold you while you explore the workings of your heart, your passions, your pleasures, and your journey of healing.


Who is Samantha + What Does She Do?


>> Intuitive Mentor + Coach

I support humans on their journey of cultivating awareness in their daily life so that they can heal + release patterns that no longer serve their highest good.

>> Certified usui Reiki Practitioner

I work with various healing modalities such as Usui Reiki, guided meditation, breath work, story medicine, and chakra diagnostics.

>> Course Creatrix

I have carefully curated courses + bundles at various price points and levels to meet and support you wherever you are on your journey.

>> Writer

I intuitively share my story medicine, teachings, and articles that provide tools + resources to support you on your journey.



Free Resources

From my heart to yours!



Join us April 19th at 5pm for a celebration of our second Libra Full Moon this year. Our theme for the night is COMMUNITY as we open our hearts to sisterhood and allow ourselves to be witnessed in what is currently up for us in our lives + our journeys. This event is a free offering to our community, however space is limited and an RSVP is required to attend.

>> 5 day WORKSHOP TO Activate Awareness + Heal Cycles Within Your Mind + Body

During our 5 days together, we dive into intention setting, honoring your wounded self and releasing patterns + traumas that are no longer serving your highest good, how to use the desires of your heart as keys to decoding your purpose, and so much more!

>> DOWNLOAD A GUIDED MEDITATION to ground in unconditional love

This guided meditation takes you on a journey of unconditional love. Through guided visualizations, you will ground your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies into unconditionally loved wholeness.

>> Join the 1-Day Social Media Detox Challenge

This guide walks you through how you can spend your day and time to reconnect to your mind, body, and spirit with the purpose of coming back to social media with a renewed sense of clarity. This guide will help you to get clear on why you’re using social media, what you look to experience on it, and ultimately, how you can bring balance back into this relationship in a loving and nourishing way


Ready to shift your energy field + deeply activate your purpose?



Activating awareness in your daily life is the key to seeking deeper purpose, passion, and joy. This session brings focus to your in-ward journey. Through the work of my pre-session Intention Clarity Guide, you will come to our session with an intention already in mind so that we spend our time together exploring what blocks, fears, and stories are holding you back from getting there.

>> SCHEDULE An intuitive reiki restoration session

Reiki is a subtle energy healing modality that comes straight from love. Through Reiki, a deep restoration of the mind, body, and spirit can be experienced. Reiki can also aid in bringing love to a particular intention or goal that you are working towards.

>> Enroll in the soul aligned budgeting bundle

Through the exploration of six trainings, an Intentional Spending workbook, my signature Basic Budget Blueprint, and bonus resources, you will learn how to combine free flowing manifesting principles with practical resourses needed to reclaim power over your finances. This course guides you through organizing a detailed monthly budget, how to spend + save with intention, the basics of setting up an emergency fund, introduction to manifesting + activating abundance, and so much more!


Want to read the words from my heart?

I believe in sharing words and practices straight from my heart. In this space you will find story medicine, poems, guided practices, and other resources that are meant to guide you on your journey of slashing through your fears to uncover your purpose, your pleasure, and your joy.