This work that I do is with real humans.

I work with humans who might be having a hard time loving themselves. That might have a hard time spending money on the things they love because that feels a selfish.

I work with humans who overspend and shop from a place of frustration. Humans who feel ashamed of the amount of money they use spent on something they really don’t need.

I work with humans who know exactly what they want, they just don’t know how to get there. Or they’re holding themselves back by believing they aren’t worthy of achieving every desire of their heart.

I work with humans that are in so many different places and situations. But what they all have in common is the fact that they are perfectly imperfect, all sharing this human experience in life.

I’m not just any other coach out there. I accept you exactly as you are, flaws and all. In fact, your flaws are what I love most about you. All those things that might have made you not feel good enough, those are my favorite things. I accept you as you are, free of judgement. I love your worries and your accomplishments. I love you when you are struggling financially because it just means that you get to overcome this. I love you when your money situation slows with grace and ease.

This journey of overcoming obstacles is the most important journey we can possibly take. On the journey of overcome, you get to experience a whole new level of gratitude for the things that light you up and make you feel safe and supported. 

I know, because I’m also human. I have flaws, worries, imperfections that make me perfect as I am.

I quit my job with the backup plan being my business. As my business is fairly new, it was a  scary decision. It felt like a decision aligned with my soul and purpose though, so I made the jump. I had high hopes that I was going to soar and succeed so quickly. Instead, I was faced with bills we weren’t sure how to pay, forced sales pages because I wanted paying clients to come my way quickly, and all over frustration and disappointment that I felt towards myself. I felt like I couldn’t serve you as a Financial Empowerment Coach if my own finances weren’t perfect. 

But that is what makes me qualified to serve you. My story speaks to you if you’re meant to grow and heal with me. I believe in being transparent and honest with you because I want you to bring all of yourself to me, vulnerable and transparent, too. Together we are light and love and overcome.

I am familiar with the struggle and I have become even more familiar with the overcome and the gratitude that brings you there. I am currently a work in progress, shifting my own money beliefs and financial situation every single moment. I am currently writing this from a coffee shop because our internet is currently shut off . We had other financial obligations that superseded the convenience of at-home wifi. And that’s okay, I adapt and show gratitude for this amazing local coffee shop that is totally my kind of vibe.

I would be lying if there weren’t moments where I thought to myself, “do I need to beg for my old job back? Can I even do this? How can there possibly be another bill/fee/financial responsibility?” What kept those fear-minded thoughts at bay is the impact of my work. The humans that I have the pleasure of serving experience incredible shifts in both their lives and their perspectives. The impact of me showing up and doing this work is evident. It’s needed. So I kept going. I keep going.

A big part of  overcoming the stress and worry was sitting my ass down to be still and get quiet. I would sit criss cross in my sacred space, close my eyes, focus on my breath, and see what thoughts flowed to me naturally. I asked the universe what I was supposed to do, how I could be an instrument of the highest good. The answer I heard wasn’t the one that I wanted. The answer I heard was that I needed to get a job to take some of the financial pressure off of my business and ultimately, my purpose. My business is one that comes from my heart. Everything I do, I want it to come from intention, love, and soulfulness. That’s what attracts you to my work, that’s where you feel the impact of my creation. The financial pressure on my business wasn’t doing anyone any good, but I refused to work for someone that was not in alignment with my beliefs and values. I was done doing things that didn’t feel good.

In that moment that I realized I was going to have to find another source of income, I asked the universe to make this source one of joy. 

The universe answered and put all of the right actions in front of me. Within a day, I had a source of income at a place that I fell in love with. It was the perfect amount of hours, was ran by incredible women that I fell in love with immediately, and brought me more joy than I thought possible while going to work. This was the result of me accepting the fact that I get to co-create my life with the universe in a way that doesn’t make me feel anxious. 

I received what I needed because I got still, asked for what I needed to know, and then surrendered to the outcome.

The outcome has had a bigger impact on my life than I could have even imagined from the beginning. The universe works that way though, you know. Everything is always working in our favor, we just have to let it. We have to release our fears and doubts and just show up. I was fearful of taking this job, I was worried it meant that my business was a failure, I thought maybe it meant I was a failure. But now as someone on the other side of all this fearful bullshit, everything worked out in the best way possible for me (and everyone involved because the universe is a synchronistic bad ass like that.)

I share this with you because you hold this same power that I do. I’m no different. I was brought to this earth to show you how powerful you are. How worthy you are of being taken care of. Whether you have a goal to make a million dollars or you’re just trying to figure out how to pay your rent next week, you. are. so. fucking. loved. I accept and love you just as you are. I am here to serve you just as you are.

I created something special for you, as the human you are in this moment (no matter what that looks like.) 

I created this to meet you exactly where you’re at. This is meant to be affordable, yet impactful. No matter how much money you currently have in your bank account, this is an investment available to you.

This investment is in yourself. In owning your power. In getting clear on how you want money to make you feel and where you want it to take you. This is for looking at all of the limiting money beliefs that have been holding you back and creating a belief system that feels like home.

This is you and me, coming together as the humans we are and creating an impact. When you show up and do the work you need to do, you improve every component of your life. You improve your finances, your relationships, your career, your relationship with yourself. When all of these things improve, a ripple effect begins. You help to heal our collective planet. When you show up to do your work, you inspire others to do the same and when we are actively working to heal ourselves we are actively creating a better place to co-exist. 

This work means we are actively getting money into the hands of people who are going to do good with it. Our world needs that good so badly. Money is such an incredible resource. It’s so supportive and full of love and intention, when it’s in the right hands. You have the right hands.

You are incredible. You are worthy of a money situation that makes you feel supported and on a path of purpose and passion. I created this to help you see that and dig even deeper. This comes straight from my heart and every moment spent with me comes from that place of love. I love you and I can’t wait to work with you and serve you in such an important way. 

If you feel this in your heart and body, please join me. I am holding space for your growth and healing.