13 lessons I learned on the journey of finding myself, quitting my job, and starting the business of my dreams.

13 lessons I learned on the journey of finding myself, quitting my job, and starting the business of my dreams.

I officially quit my J-O-B. My last day is April 13th. This was a pretty ballsy move considering I had no “official” backup plan other than my passion for being a millenial money coach. But I thought when I quit my job to work my business full time, it would happen in a neat little package. I would have thousands in the bank to get me started, I would have hundreds of clients working with me, and I would feel completely prepared.

That’s not how it went. At all.

The nudge to quit my job came pretty abruptly and I decided to go with the flow of it. In the process, I realized a few things that I want to share with you. They’re a vast range of lessons I’ve learned and they have changed the way I operate my life.


Your gut never leads you wrong. When something feels like it’s no longer serving you, it’s because it isn't. Take action on that.


You don’t have to keep a job just for the paycheck. You can make money at any job, why not make it one you enjoy? And if there is not a job available in your area that you would enjoy, create it and work for yourself. It’s doable.


Honor yourself when you need to rest. Your body gives you signs when it’s overworked and needs a little TLC. Listen to your body. When I’m overworked, my body presents numerous signs. I’ve learned to listen up and therefore avoid getting sick. You’re much more productive when in your healthiest state.


Do something for yourself every day. Even if it’s as simple as taking a salt bath at the end of a long day, taking 10 minutes to sit in quiet and just breathe, or working out. We don’t take enough quiet time for ourselves.


Once you have your mind made up about something, you are unstoppable. When you finally make a move, you tell the universe you are ready for change. And that change is something amazing.


You attract what your mind focuses on. It’s basic Law of Attraction, but a lot of people don’t realize this. If you think bad shit is always going to happen- guess what? Bad shit is always going to happen. Focus on creating your best life and you will cultivate your best life. Same with your finances. If you focus on knowing you’re worthy of wealth, wealth will begin to come into your life.


Love yourself unapologetically.


Even if it means you need to set some tough boundaries with people in your life. I can’t stress the importance of boundaries. When you have someone in your life that sucks the energy out of you, it’s an unhealthy relationship that might need some rules to take care of your own sanity.


When you know something in your heart to be true, nobody else’s opinion matters.


It’s safe to accept the support you have around you. Asking for help can be liberating.


Making an investment in yourself is the best thing you can spend money on. When I put money on the line of changing my life by hiring a coach, I leveled up in every area of my life.


There’s power in dropping thousands of dollars on yourself. It’s really fucking empowering.


Love the fuck out of everything around you. Including yourself. The power of love catapults transformation into your best life. Being high on the power of love is the best fucking thing in the world.

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