The Big Picture Around Money

I have been doing some reflection on why I am where I am and what my purpose being here is. I started this business with the vision of helping others with their finances. That has always been my vague umbrella. But what I am finding as I explore my business and my vision for it, is this is so much bigger than budgets and spreadsheets. I have those to offer, but they will only get you so far if you don’t take a look at the big picture. 

Throughout my life I have seen so many different financial situations. Straight out of high school, I took a job working with people who are struggling with their finances. I have seen what financial stress can bring a person. I have witnessed people get physically sick and put in the hospital because they were working so hard at a job that doesn’t value them, just to make a dollar to live. Money has been viewed as evil because of these things. Because of the struggle and the ignorance around it. The focus on the money struggle has caused so many people to lose vision of the big picture.

The big picture is: money is here to support you in a way that feels safe and it’s up to you if you want to view it as that.

It's time we view it as that! If you’re anything like me, you’re fed the eff up. You’re tired of hearing the sob stories of not having enough money. You’re tired of telling your fear story. You’re tired of feeling the lack and restriction around money. You’re ready to feel free. You want your money to feel safe and supportive because you have a plan for the money you circulate. 

The big picture is: you have control.

If you do not like your financial situation, you have the power to change it. It’s a simple concept, but it can be so hard because as humans, we get stuck in what we are comfortable in. And although you've become fed up with the life your financial situation has created, you want to stay there because it’s comfortable. Because when you need to make a change with anything in your life it requires work. It requires you to show up to your life in a way that you have never showed up before. You can choose to let the work come with ease in a joyful way, but you will never find out if you don’t decide to show up for yourself in this way.

The big picture is: our financial situation creates our reality.

This might trigger you. It sure as hell triggered me. But the truth is, we cultivate where our focus is. So if you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed with your financial situation, your reality is going to be a stressful and overwhelming one. I am sure you have heard the expression, "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” We manifest more of where our thoughts are. If you are constantly thinking, “I can never get ahead. Something is always coming up. I can never get ahead,” guess what? Your constant thoughts are becoming your reality. The rich get richer because they’re not thinking from a lack mentality.

In my years witnessing various low-income situations, I saw this happen every day. Every two weeks, I would see the same person struggle, dwell in their struggle, and then continue to struggle more. And when you go down that rabbit hole of struggle, you have a hard time getting out. But no matter how far you have gone down that rabbit hole, you always have a choice. At any moment you have the power to say, “fuck this. I am done struggling. I am done being broke and unhappy.” Every single moment you have the power to stand up and change your situation. You just have to decide.

When you decide what you want, the puzzle pieces begin to lay themselves before you. You might not know in this exact moment how you are going to get out of this financial rut, but it’s not your job to know. It is your job to show up. It is your job to say, “I don’t know how I am going to do this, but I am ready to do the work.” Those are the moments when the universe has your back.

When you are ready and you realize you don't have to do this alone anymore, the right person shows up, the exact message is heard, the perfect door opens. Right now, show up for yourself and decide that you are done living this life that has you so frustrated. Decide that you are done living paycheck to paycheck. Decide that you’re ready to use your money in a way that makes you feel safe and supported. Decide right now because you can. You don’t have to struggle. You don’t have to feel alone. 

It's scary deciding to step up to the way your money currently makes you feel, but it is so worth every step of the way.

If this is resonating with you and you are ready to decide to make your money feel good to you in a way that honors you as the unique individual you are, we need to talk! Let's create a money situation that feels good together.