Who is Samantha Baker + What Does She Do?

I realized this week that I’ve been a little unclear on who I am and what I do. And if we’re being honest it’s because I wasn’t quite sure myself. From a young age, I have always had this sense that I needed to figure out what my purpose was on this planet. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the phrase, “you have your whole life ahead of you. Slow down.” But you know what I have found this past year? I am not meant to slow down. It’s not in my nature. As my coach pointed out to me earlier today, I work at warp speed. I evolve and transform because I have a job to do. So this sense of purpose that I have been trying to figure out my whole life presented itself to me June 2017. It might not happen like this for everyone, but for me I felt the fireworks and that deep sense of “holy fucking shit my soul just awakened.” Since that day I have been shifting quickly because I have people’s lives to change. I realized on that day in June that I was meant to be a coach, specifically a coach working with finances. Ever since that day and my deep dive into my business, I have still been narrowing in on who I help and what I do.


I’ve come to the conclusion that our purpose continues to evolve as we do in this human experience. But right now, what feels like home to me is the title Financial Empowerment Coach. Due to my dorky nature and love of definitions, I am going to provide you the meaning of empowerment as defined in the dictionary on my MacBook: 1. authority or power given to someone to do something 2. the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights. I give you this definition because that is exactly what I do with my clients and their finances. I teach that it is safe for you to take control over your finances. I teach how you can feel supported by money and confident in the way you handle it. I hold space for each of my clients. That space belongs completely to them. They get to cry, laugh, yell, feel. When it comes to our money stuff, we forget how closely related our emotions are. Money is such a charged topic filled with stress, anger, worry, despair, lack. This is where I come in. 


I show you how to step into your power. That includes the numbers and the spreadsheets, but it includes work that is so much deeper. Our world has fucked us up around money. Our parents taught us what they believed, pop culture television taught us another, our friends always seemed to have an opinion about the rich or the poor. Along the way we forget what money means to us. As the unique individual we are. We lose the sense that money is here to support us. I work with my clients to bring love back inward towards themselves. To look at where you are financially from a non-judgmental perspective. Then from the lens of love, we get clear on what you want and devise a plan to get there. This plan isn’t just any plan though. This plan is special to just you. It incorporates you as the being you are. Because when you have a plan that is tailored to you as an individual, you get excited about it. You show gratitude towards it. And when you show gratitude, you attract gratitude and before you know it, every component of your life lights up. 


My clients walk away feeling empowered and ready to handle their money situation with ease. They know that they are exactly where they need to be and they have the tools and support to handle when they feel overwhelmed. Because finances are overwhelming. And that’s okay. Everything can be okay when you have a support system. I am here to be your support system. The space I hold is sacred. The space I hold is for you. Because you’re worthy of taking up that space in my life. I want to hear your money fears, I want to help you work through them. I kick ass at what I do. Ask any of my clients. My own life reflects all of my teachings. When my clients are in my space, they feel the power of being able to take control. They feel like, “wow. I can do this.” Because they can do this. I just help them get there.


This is what lights my soul up. This is what my space is meant for right now. I’m a badass Financial Empowerment Coach. Are you going to be my next badass client that breaks through all those fears, stress, and bullshit? I’m ready when you are.