Find Yourself Beneath the Layers You've Built

How to find yourself

Today I am honoring my past selves that I have evolved through in this lifetime. It has been awhile since I have honored the many versions of Samantha that I have shifted through. Partly because for the longest time I hid my shadows out of shame and fear. Things that I have done that weren’t my finest moments. But what I have learned is that each and every version of ourselves that we live and evolve through is important. Each experience is pivotal to this moment in time. For the longest time I didn’t want to admit that I have spent time in my life doing things that I’m not most proud of. I was embarrassed to admit that I didn’t fit into the picture perfect mask that I had been portraying myself out into the world as for so many years.

A lot of us might be found guilty of walking around with our masks on. We create a representative to show up as when we interact in public, at work, and with our friends and families. The work that I have found myself in is uncovering those layers of representative to get to the root of who the being underneath is. The world has told us that this real and raw version of ourselves is unsafe to share. Maybe too weird, too loud, too kinky. So we take in what others say and allow that to be the driving force that molds our mask to what they desire in a human being rather than allowing ourselves to just be as we are, unapologetically. The problem with this is the fact that we are putting away a part of ourselves in order to please someone else. This can continue to the point that we forget who we are beneath the layers completely.

I would like to remind you that it’s healthy to have differing opinions, beliefs, cultures, and thoughts from another human being. It’s necessary in fact. Without differences there is nothing to grow and expand upon within both our individual selves and the world as a whole.

I remind you of this because I ask that you to bring forth the self of yours that is buried beneath the layers that society has told you that you need to have. The layers telling you that you need to be quiet and not to be seen. The layers that tell you that your body isn’t perfect exactly as it is. The layers that tell you that you could never work for yourself because who would hire someone like you? The layers that say that you need to hide your sexual desires because no one will accept your personal brand of interest. I ask you to take a look at all of the layers you have adapted over the years. The layers of being a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend, a wife. These layers have crafted the mask that is shown out into the world today. Do these layers feel like they resonate with the being underneath? Who is underneath? Who are you?

You are a being of love and light. You were given the desires of your heart as a map to what sets your soul on fire. Your body was hand crafted with each and every freckle, dimple, and curve. You are capable of anything. You are magic, power, and strength all wrapped up in one. You come to this realization of the unconditional love within you by hosting a reunion. This reunion is for your past, present, and future versions of yourself to come together in loving harmony. This looks like honoring the parts of yourself that have been hidden away out of fear of being rejected by choosing to love them anyway. This looks like each day making the intentional decision to show up more as yourself, the being that you were created to be, instead of trying to be who anyone else wants you to be.

You were created to be different. You were created to not fit into everyone’s ideals. You were created to be you. If you’re feeling lost in who you are, simply begin unraveling your layers by noticing throughout each day what feels good and what doesn’t feel good. Observe your thoughts from a non-judgmental perspective. Become the gentle observer by continuing to do the same in each component of your life. Notice how your body reacts to your day to day life by paying attention to how you feel. Notice if something in particular leaves you feeling tense and restricted versus a moment that leaves you feeling expanded and open. Your body and the feelings you feel are a roadmap to what is going on internally. It’s also a roadmap back home to who you are. Everything that feels good within your being is in alignment with your heart and everything that does not feel good is simply a clue to something that needs to be revisited and shifted.

Throughout my own practice of becoming the observer of my life, I have been able to identify traits of myself that weren’t serving me. This included releasing unnecessary worries and fears. Letting go of the physical masks I was putting on with makeup and material. Placing boundaries within relationships so that I am always safe and supported. Releasing habits and patterns that don’t serve my health. This practice is simple, yet so profound because it creates the opportunity to reclaim our power over our lives and (finally) step into the version of ourselves that is in alignment with our highest good.

That is the version of ourselves that creates an impact. No matter who you are, you have the opportunity to create massive change with the gifts you hold in being uniquely you. These gifts are found underneath the layers of yourself, they are held within your heart, waiting for you to come home to them and share them with the world, unapologetically. There will always be someone who doesn’t agree with or understand you, choose to send them love anyway. After all, their judgement of you is simply a mirror reflecting to them where they still have work to do. Learn to overflow your being with so much unconditional love for yourself that you can’t help but to overflow it onto everyone that comes into your circle, regardless of their thoughts towards you. Be so sure in your love for yourself that you never hold yourself back. That you run towards your desires and transform your life into one of love, support, and freedom.

I leave with you this question again, who are you? Who is beneath the layers, waiting to be re-birthed out into the world?

Find her, love her, and then show her off to the world, unapologetically.


i am sending you so much love, goddess

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