Reprogram Your Thoughts, Reprogram Your Life

a simple way to reclaim your power


I sat down today to write and wouldn’t you believe what popped into my head.

“You have nothing to share with the world. You haven’t gone through anything significant lately to share your experience and expertise on.”

Isn’t that some shit?!

Those thoughts came into my mind, trying to tell me that I don’t know what I am doing, nor am I qualified to do it. This happens to so many of us. We allow those fear-driven thoughts from our ego to come in and try to shut us down. In all honesty, this part of us is only trying to keep us safe. This part of our brain acts from past experiences that have hurt us, so as a safety tactic, it creeps in when it feels a potential threat- like putting yourself out there.

Having spent some time with my fear driven thoughts, I was able to identify it when I heard it’s old beckoning voice. Except, this time I was prepared. I sat my ass down to make a list of things I have encountered and evolved upon in the last 6 months and whole lotta magic poured out. Things like making the conscious decision to remove my body from hormonal birth control and embrace my moon time as a woman. I became certified in Reiki I and II, using this loving energy to aid in restoring so many magical beings. I intentionally dabbled with psychedelics this summer for the experience of deepening my relationship with myself + my spirituality. I have been working with women one-on-one, helping them to reclaim their power and the unconditional love that is their birthright.

Each day is a new day filled with fresh experiences, adventures, and lessons. Yet, my ego tried to tell me that I haven’t evolved, haven’t grown, haven’t expanded.


It’s all bullshit. And these thoughts will occur every day, if you let them. in fact, they will run your life if you let them run ramped. These thoughts used to be my main frequency, always popping in and telling me that I’m not enough or worthy enough. Then one day I made the intentional decision to observe the thoughts and find out if they are really mine, really my truth. I found out that these thoughts aren’t actually me. I am the one talking back to the voice. I am the one reclaiming my power over the fear. I get to make the decision to reprogram my thoughts to ones that are loving, supportive, and full of so much joy.

This reprogram looks like observing your thoughts as an experiment. Make the conscious decision to notice your thoughts throughout the day. Notice any negative or rash thoughts that creep in, notice where they are coming from. Are they coming from your place of truth? Are the fearful thoughts in alignment with who you are or who you want to be? Also pay attention to the thoughts that light you up inside and what you’re experiencing to spark that excitement. These loving thoughts are the ones that come straight from your heart + your truth.

Spend some time becoming aware of yourself.

Your surroundings.

Your thoughts

Your feelings.

You emotions.

Become aware of you, as the naked being you are beneath your flesh and bones. The you that isn’t hidden by fears and traumas.

The part of you that was made from the magic of Mother Nature; straight from the stars.

That is who you are.

You are pure love. Pure light. Pure unapologetic greatness.

I hope you see that.

if not, I am here to help you see that.

I am holding space for you in a sacred container for you to show as yourself, in all of your raw and naked beauty. A place for you to restore your love to the places of yourself that need it most. This space is safe, non-judgmental, and pure love + light.