Flow with the Evolution That is You

Flow with your evolution

November 1st will be the one year anniversary of launching my own online business and if I had to sum this year up with one lesson it would be this:

surrender to evolving, always.

I started my business working exclusively with millennials who need help “adulting” for the first time…

That evolved into empowering woman through intentional finances…

And now, my evolution has brought me to working with women to bring love back inward towards themselves and the four components of their lives while reigniting their flame within. 

If you’ve been with me this year, you have seen this gradual shift in my work, you have witnessed the gradual change within my own self. My business has evolved because I have evolved. I am not the same woman who started a business working with millennials. Hell, I’m not even the woman I was yesterday. And that is a great thing!

I have the power to allow the things and people that no longer serve my highest good to fall away. I get to reclaim my power time and time again. I get to continue learning, healing, and shifting.

It’s not that I don’t still hold knowledge about millennials and intentional finances, that will always be a part of me and I will continue to teach on and share the knowledge I have gained. However, my experiences and own personal growth has allowed me to expand and teach on a wider range of topics and modalities. In that process, I found what currently lights up my soul: creating a space for women to show up unapologetically as themselves. A place for women to heal, grow, and return to love.

My women have felt lost, maybe even broken at times.

They are masters of picking up everyone’s stuff because that’s what they have always done.

They know how to make sure that everyone is taken care of, even it meant neglecting themselves.

They are strong, brave, warrior women.

But they’re tired. They’re ready to come home to themselves, filling their own cup with magical love before filling others.

They have a fire within themselves that they’re ready to explore and grow.

They’re ready to take back their power through love and joy to cultivate stronger connections with the four components of their lives: self, relationships, career, and money.

It is such an honor and blessing that I get to witness these women in their magic. I get to witness who these women are beneath their masks and layers. Who they are at their core, their hopes, dreams, and desires, the makings of their hearts. The love that overflows my heart while working with my women is my reminder that I have found my own home.

The space I cultivate for each session is sacred. Each woman I work with receives my full, undivided attention. She receives the expanse of my heart in these sessions through a variety of modalities such as Reiki, guided meditations, intentional listening + mirroring, and guided journaling. She walks away feeling empowered, relaxed, and unconditionally loved.

I meet each woman where she is at. Whether she is just rekindling her spark or is already carrying her torch held high, spreading her love like wildfire. This work that I do is for each woman who is ready to strengthen that personal relationship with herself, regardless of where she is. Because one thing I know for sure is that as human beans we never stop evolving.

We are never done on our journey of cultivating a deeper sense of love for ourselves + the collective around us because the expanse of love is infinite. 


So let me ask you, beautiful soul:

Are you one of my women?