You Are the Flame, Goddess

You are the flame

Stepping into and owning who you are is one scary fucking thing to do when you’ve been told your whole life that you’re..

too loud..

too weird..

too bossy..

too independant..

You don’t fit into societal norms.

You don’t connect with the humans you thought you would.

It makes your ego scream louder, telling you how you’re not good enough. That you need to change X to achieve Y.

But the truth is.. you are perfect exactly how you are. 

Your personality..

Your weirdness..

Your quirks..

Your fantasies and desires..

Those are the makings of your heart. 

When your heart came to be on this planet, your creator made no mistake. 

For a good majority of my life on this planet, I tried to be everyone besides who I needed to be.. myself. 

I tried to be “the good daughter.”

I tried to be “the student.”

I tried to be “the woman who does it all on her own.”

I tried to be everything that I thought I was “supposed to be.”

But what I found is, who I am supposed to be is who I already am.

I am the flame all on my own.

My flame is bright, in your face. 

You might not agree with it. 

It might trigger you.

But it might also heal you, showing you that it is safe to find your own flame within.

It doesn’t matter to me how you choose to perceive my flame.

What matters is what your perception of me is telling you about yourself.

Your wounds.. 

Your heart..

Your fears..

Your own ego shining brighter than your loving soul.

I am a mirror that reflects the flame that resides in each and every one of us.

Does your flame excite you? 

Igniting you with passion and pleasure?

Or does it contract with sadness and confusion?

What is your flame telling you?

Take a moment to ask her now.

Listen intently to what she has to say and acknowledge her words without judgement because 

We are all bright.

We are all loud.

We are all in your face.

We are all love.

We are all laughter.

We are all one.

That means that if your flame has been extinguished or is glowing a little less than it’s worthy of, I am here to reignite your flame with my own. I am here to show you how fucking amazing it is to be the brightest goddamn flame you have ever been in your life.  

You owe your flame to yourself and to the collective.

It is your gift, your birthright, your greatness.

We have all been waiting for you to realize the power of your own flame.

When are you going to realize it for yourself?

Goddess, I see the flame within you.

If you are ready to reignite it for yourself and return love + joy back inward, I am now offering single one-on-one sessions as well as Reiki healing sessions. I created these sessions to be booked in whatever way serves you best. Space will be held for you to show up as your naked self, unapologetically. Even if you’re not ready to see your naked self, these sessions are meant for you to come as you are. I want you, perfectly imperfect, to see the magic that you are capable of, regardless of where you are in this moment.

I am sending you so much love + light,