Let's Talk About Stress

Let’s talk about something for a minute.


It’s all around us. And if you’re anything like me, it’s something you breathe day in and day out. Constantly feeling tightly bound and full of importance. Your stress mind runs on autopilot.

It guides you through your rushed commute, your lazy co-workers depending on you to pick up their hours, and your need to make ends meet on an undervalued salary. This daily stress feels like just another part of your day.

Until it isn’t.

Until you end up having a breakdown because you've overworked yourself.

Until you bring yourself to tears because you’ve helped more people than you’ve helped yourself.

Until you let it affect your relationship with yourself.

You see, if you’re anything like me, being stressed out is a no brainer. You’ve been taught to think that nothing good happens unless you bust your ass and stress hard over it.

Until now.

I want you to throw that belief out the fucking window.

And then I want you to let this statement sink in:

Life does not have to be stressful.  

Your day does not have to filled with the constant flutter of the heart and jitters from your 5th cup of coffee (which is the only thing still keeping you going.)

We have been programmed to think that we need to help others before ourselves in every situation. Programmed to think that a stressful life will lead us to success. Programmed to think that we live boring lives if we’re not thriving on stress 24/7.

But I am going to be honest with you.

I’m going to tell you the truth and I’m going to be unapologetic about it.  

It’s okay to take care of yourself first. In fact, you should take care of yourself first. How can you expect to share from your cup if you haven’t replenished your own cup first?

You don’t need a job that stresses you out constantly and it’s okay to let go of those people who stress you out unnecessarily. Stress reflects in your health through asthma, obesity, headaches, depression, anxiety.. The list goes on.

This is a big deal guys.

We need to stop being ignorant and instead honor and take care of ourselves. Especially when it comes to our money and our finances (one of the most stressful subjects.) Money is a huge stressor. It can be a trigger for many people because we are taught to believe so many different things surrounding money. It’s good, it’s bad, it’s this, it’s that.

To knock out money related stressors, we need to start looking at money from the perspective we want to see it as. Not what everyone else wants us to see it as.

Look at your utility bill as something reminding you of the services you’ve received. Think of the warm nights you had in the middle of winter thanks to your gas company. Think of the electricity you had to power your netflix and wifi. Think of your vehicle that brought you to and from your job this week.

Rejoice in the things that your money provided you. Even if you’re broke and down to your last dollar, show gratitude. Take a couple deep breaths to ground yourself. Really breathe in the moment and with each exhale, release the stress that’s holding you back.

We need to take a stand against the notion of stress being a good thing. We are too young and too full of life to let a thing like stress bring us down every day.

So as we really embrace this new year, reflect on the things you are grateful for. Reflect on all the ways your money has helped and supported you in 2017. Think about how you want to view money 2018. Do you want it to be stressful? Or do you want it to be filled with abundance and gratitude?