30 No Spend Weekend Ideas


As millennials, we are constantly go, go, go! There is always something to do, friends to go out with, adventure to seek. There are so. many. things. to spend money on. Have you ever made it to Monday morning where you go to check your bank account, only to be disappointed to see you only have $2.72 left? Yep, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt! For the last couple months, I have made minimal spending a priority for my weekends and I have gotten pretty creative in what I can do without dropping 40 bucks at my favorite brewery. Let my list below inspire you to save a couple bucks this weekend!


1. Go for a hike

2. Have a picnic at your place of choice

3. Have a beach day (yes, even in the fall! Just maybe leave your itty bitty bikini at home)

4. Host a garage sale

5. Read a good book or magazine

6. Visit your local museum

7. Organize your room

8. Take your dog for a walk (I’ve even seen people take their cats for walks too. No pet exclusions here!)

9. Take pictures on an adventure walk (especially with these beautiful fall colors)

10. Find a DIY project you can do with what you have at home (great for a rainy day challenge)

11.  Plan a board/card game night with friends

12. Kick back and binge watch a new TV show (or an old one. I will never get tired of rewatching The Office)

13. Find a park with free camping and spend the weekend in the great outdoors

14. Invite friends over for a corn hole tournament

15. Build an indoor fort to veg out in (because you’re never too old for forts)

16. Have a dance party in your living room

17. Take some quiet time for some yoga and stretching

18. Take a nap

19. Plan your meals for the week

20. Grab a blanket and lay outside looking at the stars

21. Go Geocaching

22. Spend time with family and friends

23. Get crafty by coloring or painting a picture

24. Have a bonfire

25. Volunteer somewhere local

26. Rearrange your furniture

27. Play some video games

28. Cuddle up on the couch with your honey

29.  Sit down and figure out your budget

30. Create a budget or money plan for your next paycheck (because would I even be a financial consultant for millennials without this on there??)

31. Just relax!


I want to know your ideas for a No Spend Weekend! Comment below what you’re going to do this weekend to save a little moolah! + if you're pumped to see more tips that save your wallet a gasp of disappointment, like me on Facebook!