You are the perfect image • Pisces New Moon Poem

Soft whispers,

nudging guidance and rolling waves.

Mother Earth calls for your heart,

she calls for your depths and your emotion,

she calls for your power and strength.

She calls upon you because you are her storm—

brilliantly and beautifully crafted in her image.

In her image of the green rolling grass,

of the roses and daisies,

of the most brilliant sunset.

You were crafted with the stoke of a paintbrush,

carefully stroking and caressing.

Woven with intentions of pure and undeniable love,

for you are the perfect image of unconditional love.

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Uncovering the Layers of Your Heart Through the Cultivation of a Daily Alignment Practice

Tears flooded my cheeks as I fell to my knees with my hands over my heart. I had no idea it was possible to feel such an immense amount of love, I never felt worthy enough for it. I believed that love was a lie created by people trying to sell cards and flowers and that it only existed as a conditional concept. Conditionally meaning that love was something I did for other people, to take care of others, to overextend myself without boundaries. I didn’t believe a healthy and supportive relationship to love existed, and if it did, I certainly didn’t believe I was worthy of it.

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Find Yourself Beneath the Layers You've Built

The world has told us that this real and raw version of ourselves is unsafe to share. Maybe too weird, too loud, too kinky. So we take in what others say and allow that to be the driving force that molds our mask to what they desire in a human being rather than allowing ourselves to just be as we are, unapologetically. The problem with this is the fact that we are putting away a part of ourselves in order to please someone else. This can continue to the point that we forget who we are beneath the layers completely.

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Reprogram Your Thoughts, Reprogram Your Life

Those thoughts came into my mind, trying to tell me that I don’t know what I am doing, nor am I qualified to do it. So I sat my ass down to make a list of things I have encountered and evolved upon in the last 6 months and whoollee lotta magic poured out. Things like making the conscious decision to remove my body from hormonal birth control and embrace my moon time as a woman. I became certified in Reiki I and II, using this loving energy to aid in restoring so many magical beings. I intentionally dabbled with psychedelics this summer for the experience of deepening my relationship with myself + my spirituality.

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