Usui Reiki + Distance reiki

Reiki is channeled life force energy that is pure unconditional love. I use Reiki in a very intuitive way. During our session, I tune into your energy centers to see where you could use some restoration. Reiki can be used to enhance intentions, provide relaxation + wellness, or offer support in any areas of tension within the body. Reiki can be used in-person using hands-on techniques or distant Reiki can be received through time and space, regardless of if we are physically together for a session.


Embodiment practice is the art of relaxing the mind and coming home to your body. This practice combines deep breath work, sound, and movement. These three things combined offer a release for the body + spirit and an unravelling of the layers that cover your heart. This practice leaves you feeling soft and buttery. Embodiment work is used with the intention of releasing energy that has become trapped or stagnant within the body.


Through the vehicle of the breath, meditation guides you on a journey that connects you with your mind + spirit. I use the power of meditation to guide you through visualizations, white light healing, grounding, or as a simple relaxation. I approach all of my work intuitively and allow that compass to guide me in what is needed in the moment.

Breath work

The breath is your vehicle into your body. Breath work allows you to tune into your body and be present with what currently is. The practice of breath work allows you to restore your mind, body, and spirit to a natural state of calm and peace. Breath work can be used on it’s own or combined with another modality.

Chakra Diagnostics 

The body is made up of 7 main chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. These energetic centers begin at the base of your spine and continue all the way to the top of your head. The word chakra translates as “wheel” or “disc.” You can imagine your chakras as these spinning centers that organize and emit life force energy. Each chakra holds a particular set of characteristics that can become imbalanced. Through intuitive chakra diagnostics, we take a look at your 7 main energy centers and identify where you may be excessive or deficient. We restore each center to it’s balanced state through a variety of customized tools + practices.

Grounding Techniques 

Grounding work literally strengthens the foundation in which you live upon. Living life as a grounded individual means that your basic necessities are supported and you are connected to the earth below you. I use a variety of grounding techniques that help you to reconnect to physically, mentally, and emotionally get back in touch with your roots + the literal ground beneath you.