Hello beautiful human and welcome to this sacred space that I have created for the both of us.

I began the journey of cultivating this space back in 2017 and since then (oh man!) has life gotten really juicy. Upon starting my life as an online entrepreneur, I decided to quit my corporate job and dive into the journey of discovering the life my heart wanted to live. And let me tell you, when you decide to take big action, the universe meets you with even bigger healing opportunities. I began to realize that if I wanted to live my purpose deeply and wholeheartedly, I was going to have to (finally!) call myself out on my bullshit, identify the cycles I was caught up in that weren’t serving my highest good, and show up daily to diagnose and restore my energy.

Through this experience, I found my love of working with the energetic field within the body. I work with and navigate the energetic field using Reiki infused chakra diagnostics. Our energetic field is composed of anything that is holding us back from decoding our purpose, navigating our pleasures, and exploring the joys of our heart. I am here as an intuitive mentor and healer to help you on your journey of unraveling the wounds and scar tissue that have built up over your heart so that you can live a life that feels aligned with love + joy.

Your heart is the center of your deepest loves, desires, and passions. From the moment you were born, events have happened in your life that have caused you withhold your thoughts, feelings, and emotions out of fear, shame, or guilt. I am here to help you feel and move through those emotions so that you can have the energetic space to call in your deepest desires. 

This work isn’t easy. This work requires you to show up for yourself daily. It requires you to feel. To experience discomfort and the shadow depths of your heart. But underneath that discomfort lies your rising up to pleasure, joy, unconditional love, and gooey enlightenment. This work gets to be beautiful, empowering, and juicy. I am here as your guide to make sure you don’t lose sight of those beautiful moments in the mud. Imagine yourself as the gorgeous lotus that you are.

I currently reside in Detroit, MI with my husband and our three fur babies: Bailey, Cheech, + Mr. Kitten. I hold a passion in my heart for preparing a nourishing meal that I get to share with those I love. I spend as much time as I possible can with Mother Earth. Hiking her trails, swimming in her water, basking in her sun, or dancing in her rain. I believe that connecting to  Mother Earth is hands-down our best grounding tool. I believe in spending money at places that hold intention and integrity and taking care of the planet we live on so that we can thrive as a collective. I believe that surrounding yourself with a conscious community is key to living a life that brings an immense amount of support and joy. This is why I hold sacred space each month for our Detroit Moon Club gathering. And lastly, I believe in living a life that lights your heart up. Every day I surround myself by the people and things that bring me the most joy and the deepest pleasure.

I am here to help you do the same, because you know what?

You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are so fucking loved and supported and if you feel anything less, it’s time to come home to your heart. Under the layers that tell you that you aren’t worthy is the you that resides in her purest and most loved form. Find her. Feel her. Let her out. Let the you that lives beautifully take form because she already resides within you. Everything you want already lives within you, I just help you unravel and decode the pieces of yourself that need to shift in order to make space for the life you are calling in.

The handsome mr. kitten